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Be Mimi: Kim | Mimi and August

Body expresses art. And art is about reflecting all kinds of beauty. Therefore, for Kim, this photographer and art teacher, beauty is expressed by all types of body.


« BODY DIVERSITY IS ABOUT FINDING BEAUTY IN EVERY WOMAN.  »     - Kim, creative and epicurean taco lover 


Sweet, discreet and powerful women such as Audrey Hepburn, her grandmother and even Josée Di Stasio are role models for Kim. Her art is inspired by humans in general, their relations, their past, their unicity.


Talking with the curious and kind Kim makes us wanna worry less and care more. Her beauty, not only physical, but also mental, is easy to see while she laughs, she listens (and dances!).


Kim, meeting you was a real pleasure. Thank you for being our first Mimi! We wish you to travel a lot, to make art a lot and to eat tons of delicious pesco-vegetarian meals. x

dsc_0941 Kim is wearing our dots high waist bottomand our black racerback top, our lemons high waist bottom, our soft stripes licou top and our soft stripes bikini bottom, our black water drop one-piece.

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