In the mind of Laura Supnik

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In the mind of Laura Supnik

We’re always glad to meet other illustrators to get to know more about their work, their style and what motivates them as artists. For the Lemons tee, we collaborated with the illustrator Laura Supnik.

Laura Supnik x Mimi and August
Photo credit: Em Dubin

Laura Supnik was born in Pennsylvania but has now been living in Brooklyn for 2 years. The city’s diversity and creativity inspire her in her works. Her passion for drawing has been there her whole life, but it was in her senior year in high school that she discovered that she liked the illustration style more than the others. 

People later started to ask if they could pay to have some of her works and it is then that she realized she could make a job out of it. She started doing some projects on the side but is now drawing full time. One of her favorite illustrations is a recent one she did with Converse. It was a dream for her because she loves their shoes. Check it out!

Laura doesn’t have a defined office space in her apartment, but she likes to go to nearby coffee shops to get work done. Her work load changes everyday. One day, it’s shipping orders from her online store and others, it’s meeting people to discuss new projects.

Lemons Unisex Tee by Laura Supnik

Why this collaboration? Simply because she wanted to do something cute and fun like Mimi & August!

Visit her website and follow her on Instagram (@laurasupnik)!

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