November 02, 2018

The protection of the environment is something that we are deeply invested in. We now have to act rapidly in order to reverse global warming and its impact on future generations. Mimi & August has sworn to reduce their ecological footprint in order to have a greener tomorrow. We thus decided to do ecological shipping! But what is it?

Ecological shipping up-view Mimi & August

When you shop online and ship your purchase to your house, the product is often over-packaged. It is put in a plastic pouch that is later put in an envelope and finally in a cardboard box and so on! We think that it is way too much packaging for a distance that is sometimes not this long.

Ecological shipping consists of reducing our packaging for online purchases. We don’t think that a T-shirt needs five layers of protection to get to your home. We wrap the product in a sheet of paper and then we put it in an envelop and bam! We ship it! It’s as simple as that! Even in store, we don’t have any plastic bags! We always prioritize paper so that you can put it directly in the recycling bin when coming home.

Wrapping paper Mimi & August

Paper envelopes Mimi & August

Encouraging others to reduce their ecological footprint is something we think is important as well. We encourage our providers to cut down their packaging when they ship our products in store.

We are presently using about 80% of recyclable materials for our shipping. Our goal is to go gradually toward reusable materials so that at the end of 2019, everything will be 100% recyclable. It also means keeping our wrapping to a minimum. It’s not because everything will be recyclable that we’ll put more!

Ecological Shipping C'est Mimi Mimi & August

It’s by doing our part that we can bring change and we are always looking for new ideas to keep a healthy planet.

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