October 09, 2018

To stay true to our desire for transparency, we wanted to present the team behind Mimi & August. Each member contributes to the success of every project we undertake, and it always makes us happy when you get to know more about them. Today, we introduce you to Andréanne.

Content creator Andréanne on computer Mimi & August

Andréanne is our content creator since about a year and a half. Her role is to run our Instagram by publishing beautiful pictures of our products or other things that inspire her. She fell in love with photography in an internship and her interest stayed. She is a spontaneous and creative woman and is always looking for the next trends on social media. 

Content creator Andréanne taking pictures Mimi & August
Our values interested her right away. It is one of the reasons why she decided to work with us. She likes knowing where the products come from, their production conditions and our attention to details. She appreciates that each day is different and that it allows her to be creative in her content’s creation.

Content creator Andréanne taking pictures in store Mimi & August

She has many passions and could not decide one that she loves the most but, if she had to only choose three, it would be dance, piano and ski. Andréanne has been doing ballet for more than 20 years and it was originally her grand-mother who wanted her to start ballet. Her interest has grown throughout the years and she is now glad to have continued. It has also been 15 years since she started playing piano, which she learned with her father and later, by herself.  She had one at home, so she always got the chance to play. Her favorite song to do on the piano is 2511414 by Pierre Lapointe. She has been skiing for 20 years and her favorite places to do it are the Massif de Charlevoix and mount Tremblant.

She also likes to travel. One of her favorite places that she visited is Italy. Why? It was just even more beautiful than she could have imagined. She now wants to do a road trip in western Canada.

Content creator Andréanne Mimi & August

Her motto is to always do one thing at a time. The stress of trying to do everything at once can get to her sometimes but, she always remembers to do things in their own time.

Follow her on Instagram @paaandee

We are proud of our team and it is by working together that Mimi & August is the company it is today. Now you know more about Andréanne! 

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