Ahoy! Unisex Hoodie

Size Guide
Clothing Sizing Guide

*Note that we sized-up our t-shirts from our Summer collection.
For exemple if your ordered a size M this Summer, you have to order the size S this Fall and for further collections.

Measure around the bust.

Body Length
Measure from neck seam to the bottom of the T-shirt.

Short Sleeve Length
Measure from the shoulder seam to the bottom edge of the sleeve opening.

M (New S)
35-37.5" (89-95cm)
26" (64.13cm) 7 1/2" (19.05cm)
L (New M)
37.5-39.5" (95 100.33cm)
27 1/2" (69.85cm)
7 3/4" (19.68cm)
XL (new L)
39.5-41.5" (100.33-105.41cm)
29 1/4" (74.93cm)
8 1/4" (20.95cm)
2XL (new XL)
41.5-43.5" (105.41-110.5cm)
31" (78.74cm)
8 3/4" (22.22cm)
2XL 43.5-45.50(110.5-115.57cm) 31 3/4" (80.65cm) 9 1/4" (23.50cm)  

Measure around the bust.

Body Length
Measure from neck seam to the bottom of the sweatshirt.

Long Sleeve Length
Measure from the shoulder to the end of the wrist.
36-38.6 (91.44-98.04cm)
26 3/4” (68cm)
20.86” (53cm)
38.6-41.72 (98.04-106cm)
27 3/4” (70.5cm)
21.45” (54.5cm)
41.72-44.88 (106-114cm)
28.54” (72.5cm)
22” (56cm)
44.88-48 (114-122cm)
29.33” (74.5cm)
22.63” (57.5cm)
48-51.2 (122-130cm)
30.11” (76.5cm)
23.22” (59cm)
Let yourself be driven by the current. AHOY SAILORS, we’re waiting for you!

- Myriam is wearing the size S.
- Florence is wearing the size L.
- Cristal is wearing the size M.
- Lined with fleece to stay warm.
- Ivory color.
- 100%  Peruvian Pima Cotton.
- Machine wash cold, inside out on gentle cycle; lay flat.
- Ethically Made in Lima, Peru.
- This particular Cotton fabric will shrink a little after you washed it but it will extend back to its form when you wear it.
- Questions about fit? Email us at : info@mimihammer.com.

Peruvian Pima Cotton is especially soft, durable and extra smooth. As part of our values, the cotton of our fabric is harvested entirely by hand. It is a more environmentally method than the industrial harvesting that damage the fibers and that has an direct impact on the fabric that is made of. Our Pima cotton is also hypoallergenic and produced without chemical pesticide. We work with a small factory in Lima. We thank Karina, Sullon, Gloria, Monica, Denilson, Rose, Alexis, and Dennis for making this product.

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