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Environmental Concern


We are constantly looking for sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, recycled cotton, linen and tencel for our clothing. These fabrics are durable and they are the best choices for our planet. As of 2019, we will add the ECONYL® regenerated Nylon to our list of fabrics. With this fabric, we will be able to offer different styles of swimsuits entirely made out of recycled materials (plastic bottles and plastic waste). All of our garments, such as our clothing and accessories, as well as our swimwear, are all produced with high quality fabrics, which provides you with long lasting durable items.


We live in a world where people purchase items and end up throwing them away. We ask you not to do that with our garments. There are so many ways to reuse our clothes, since they are made from high quality fabrics. If you do not wear an item anymore, circulate the garment to someone in your entourage or consider giving it to a donation center.