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We invested a lot of time building a relationship with the people that work in our supply chain. They're a part of our family.

Here's Luigi and Louise.

They have been working in the fashion industry since 1975, as fashion designer and forewoman.

They met each other in 1994 and started to work together as cutters since then. 

They are proud of their work and want to keep working for local fashion industry, but they confess us how they were worried about a potential lack of local labor.

Each swimsuit has been carefully cut by them since we started Mimi & August.

Chabanel Garment District, Montreal, Qc, Canada  


They explained to us how things have changed in 30 years of carrier in the local fashion fashion industry. How quickly sewing workshops has downsized since the Free Trade Agreement. Contracts started to get smaller in terms of quantity so they had to started taking jobs as constractors instead of salaried employee.



We value the attention to small details and fair production, which is why we work with small factories


BATIFOLERIE - Sewing workshop

Founded in 1998, they has been working in the textile field since its creation



Their mission is primarily aimed at the integration or reintegration into the labor market of people experiencing particular difficulties or being deprived of sufficient autonomy to return immediately to the labor market.


Longueuil, Qc, Canada 

Each person that is in the supply chain has an important role. They assure that the quality of the final product will be perfect.