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Our Story


Illustrations and passions

Mimi & August is the work of designer Camille F. and marketing passionate Joao C. Mimi & August are two different brands that form one unique company and that share the same mission: to provide exclusive and affordable collections of high standards of quality.

Her cat Pepito, her coffee addiction, her passion for travelling and her love for flowers are what inspire Camille in the creation of happy-illustrations: authentic and ludic illustrations made to make people happy!

These illustrations are really the core of the company and you’ll find them on swimsuits, t-shirts, notebooks, wish cards and much more. All of them are imagined by the designer or other Mimi & August’s team members.

Sometimes, Joao tells a joke that leads to a humorous sketch while other times Annabelle thinks of a perfect pun to put on a shirt. In those times, a few minutes only are enough for Camille to create the complete design! However, some prints may take much longer before being completely ready. Some may take one hour, a few days or even a few months! But no matter how long they take to be created, Camille puts all her heart and efforts to produce funny or charming, but always unique, illustrations.



More confidence, more love, more fun.

Here, at Mimi & August, we’re tired of all these impossible beauty standards. We’re tired of what’s supposed to be « normal » and we’re mostly tired of taking ourselves too seriously!

The models we work with… well they’re not real models actually! They’re women and men from all ages, all shapes, all colors. We choose real people who look just like us, just like you!

Here’s why our swimsuits are worn by real women. Women with cellulite or freckles or messy hair, and sometime with all that! So let’s celebrate trueness, let’s celebrate true beauty, let’s celebrate real bodies!

You too have a « real » body and wanna play the model for us?

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