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Pre-Order Updates


Hello! Just a little word to thank you again for your pre-order! As planned, we started the production of the CAFE YO SWEATSHIRT as soon as the pre-order ended on February 26th. Remember that all of our pre-order updates will be on this page. So thank you again for you trust and we can’t wait to send them to you !

pre-order update mimi & august


August 4, 2020 updates
We have two good news !!
The first: Your sweatshirts are coming next week (wouhou!). They are getting prepare for their trip right now. The flight leaves this Saturday from Peru, so you will receive your beautiful Café Yo sweatshirts during the next week 🙂
The other good news is that your free socks are so cute !! Here is a photo we received yesterday:
Cafe Yo sock by mimi & august
We can't wait for you to receive them, we thank you again for your patience, we definitely have the best clients!

June 15, 2020 update
On this beautiful sunny day, we finally have IMPORTANT news for you about the pre-order of Cafe Yo sweatshirts, as well as an approximate delivery date. Yay!

First, following the development of the Covid-19 in Peru, we want to confirm that the production team is working safely. So the workers started their work again lately, without compromising their health, which was essential to us .

The fabrics are now in the last step. Illustration printing, fabric cutting and assembly of your sweaters. The whole process should go A LOT faster from now on! In fact, we would like to thank you for your great patience considering the global health situation. You guys are the best!
We want to present you pictures of the result very soon, and we can't wait!
Finally, if everything goes without as planned, we believe that the sweatshirts will finally be ready to leave in the first weeks of August.

We'll keep you posted for the rest, thank you again for your enthusiasm, we know you're as excited as we are to wear your Cafe Yo sweatshirts and your coffee little matching socks!
Lots of love.
Mimi & August clothing colors
May 15, 2020 update
We are very happy to announce that the production of your sweatshirts will start again in the coming weeks. The government has authorized the opening of the textile sector. This opening will be done gradually because each factory must implement a strict health security protocol in order to have an opening permit. It also reassures us to know that the workers who produce your sweaters will be able to start working safely again!

During the previous update, the fabric of the sweaters was being woven. The good news is that it is now ready to go into the dyeing process. We are therefore waiting for the dye factory to finalize its safety protocols so that employees can start working again.

As soon as they are done with this process we will put photos with the next update, we promise! We are so grateful for your patience and we can't wait to see these sweaters!

April 15, 2020 update
Little update on spring pre-orders. As you may know, our ethical clothing production is carried out in Peru. Following the first report of several cases of COVID-19 in the country, President Martín Vizcarra declared a state of national emergency for 15 days. The purpose of this important decree is to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on the national territory. This therefore affects the right to transit freely within the country, and forces all businesses to be closed (except for banks, pharmacies and stores selling essential goods). In addition, the government has added a curfew for all residents starting at 6:00pm, and there are numerous military roadblocks across the country. Last Thursday, the president announced that there will be an extension of these war measures until April 26th, for the good of all Peruvians.

Obviously, our production of sweaters is stopped, following the government decree. Much like here, Peruvians are unsure and do not know when they can start working again. Our production was already in the weaving process, but will take a little delay on the original plan. This global situation affects the whole planet, it is difficult for us to give you a precise delivery date at the moment. We make day-to-day decisions, but we will make sure your sweatshirts arrive as soon as possible. We hope you understand the situation, and we will be transparent and give you news as soon as we have it! Stay warm at home and take care of yourself.

If you ordered other items with you preorder, we will proceed those items as soon as possible :)

We are glad to introduce you to the different production steps that makes your Pima Cotton goods possible. These stages will be visible and updated continuously as they are completed.