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Vintage Market - FAQ

Our conditions

- Clothing must be of acceptable cleanliness.
- Clothing may be slightly holed, torn or washed, but must be in good condition.
- We can refuse to keep a garment if it is too damaged.
- We do not accept swimsuits (for now)!
- We do not accept clothing accessories (toques, reusable bags, etc).
- We do not accept home accessories (coffee yo cups, candles, etc).dd your content here.
How much is my stuff worth?

Trade Gift Card Product
$5 - First collections of the brand.
- Regular cotton clothing (t-shirt and sweatshirt).
- Very used clothing (small stains, small holes…)
$10 - Medium damage sweatshirt (mint condition).
- Medium damage hoodie (mint condition).
- T-shirt made of Pima Cotton in excellent condition.
$15  Sweatshirt made of Pima Cotton in excellent condition. (Worn and washed less than 10 times)
Frequently asked questions

#1 What clothes can I exchange?
At this time we only accept our clothing line. However, we are working on a method for you to exchange other garments.

#2 Can I bring my Mimi & August clothes directly to the Montreal Old-Port store?
Yes! It's actually the fastest way to get your gift card in exchange of you Mimi & August clothes. Your clothes will be evaluated directly in store and if you clothes are approved, we will issue your gift card at the same time according to our price chart. Please note that our prices are fixed and not negotiable.

#3 Can I trade my clothes even if I'm outside of Canada? 
For the moment we only accept exchange from Canada, but we are working on something in the future!

#4 When this initiative will end?
This initiative is a long-term project. We've been working on this project for a long time and we are really excited! Being more conscious about the fashion is a big part of our values and something that matters to us.dd your content here.