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Want to get even more into the holiday spirit this week? 🎄 I've got just the thing for you here as today, I'm coming back to you by sharing all my favorite little activities to make the most of the festive season at home. ✨ I invite you to read on to discover six ideas to help you create a cozy and warm atmosphere in the run-up to Christmas. ☕❤️🕯️ Happy reading! xx

1. Focus on comfort

First of all, big cozy sweaters, stockings and Christmas pajamas are my must-have essentials for living the Christmas season to the fullest. Nothing beats the warmth they give me on those wintry December days. For me, being wrapped up in a cozy blanket is the ultimate secret to a comfortable and festive atmosphere!

A pile of beige cozy sweaters

2. Enjoy a good homemade hot chocolate

Every year, I make sure to preserve my other holiday essential: a delicious homemade hot chocolate. Seriously, there's nothing like this comforting beverage to accompany me in my relaxing and festive moments during Christmastime!

Here's my favorite little recipe:

- 2 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder ;
- 1 to 2 tablespoons sugar (depending on how sweet you want it);
- A pinch of salt;
- 1 cup milk of your choice (oat milk for me!) ;
- ¼ teaspoon vanilla extract ;
- A pinch of cinnamon and a handful of marshmallows and gingerbread cookie crumble to decorate and add a little something special.

A cup of hot chocolat in a Mimi & August reuasable candle mug

3. Wrapping gifts and writing with love

Wrapping Christmas presents for my loved ones is another precious little moment I look forward to every year. I enjoy choosing the gifts as much as wrapping them afterwards! Making myself comfortable and applying myself to writing little intentional words for everyone really is my favorite thing. Each word, each unique wrapping and each delicate combination of festive papers and pretty ribbons are truly an expression of the affection I have for my loved ones. So this little creative moment is simply a great synonym for relaxation to me!

Christmas cozy wrapping with a Mimi & August Foresta Candle and matches holder
A girl writing in Christmas cards by Mimi & August

4. Soak up the festive musical atmosphere

During the holiday season, I also love to immerse myself in listening to Christmas songs. It's a tradition I savor to the full for several weeks at a time. Soft, relaxing and acoustic songs are my favorites, as I believe they create a cozy atmosphere that perfectly captures the spirit of the season. My playlist accompanies me throughout December, bringing a joyful, festive touch to every moment. It's the perfect little soundtrack to accompany every warm moment and create a lovely atmosphere in my home.

Sweet cozy Christmas playlist on Spotify

5. Baking gingerbread cookies

Another festive tradition I particularly enjoy is making gingerbread cookies. For me, it's a soothing and delicious activity that so evokes the warm spirit of Christmas. The simple act of preparing the dough and letting the scents of cinnamon, ginger and other spices from the baked cookies fill the kitchen instantly takes me back into the holiday mood every time. And the best part? It's that sharing these carefully decorated little treats becomes a beautiful way to give sweet attention to those around us during this special time. 🤍

Ginderbread cookies in a backing tray

6. Enjoy romantic Christmas movies

My unashamed favorite movies are the romantic ones, but the ones that hold an even more special place in my heart are the quirky Christmas movies hihihi. Watching them is a real pleasure that I'll never tire of. Their predictability makes them incredibly comforting for me. Sitting on my sofa, in comfy clothes, with a little Christmas candle in the background, a nice hot chocolate and a cookie in hand, it's simply an incomparable moment of relaxation for me. Really nothing can compete with these moments, haha! 🍿🎄

A girl with a Mimi & August Nairobi hairclip in her hair watching romantic Christmas movies with her cozy blanke, her Christmas tree and her hot chocolate

So here are my six favorite ways to enjoy the holiday season! Hopefully this can gently inspire you to create sweet little moments to quietly wind down and fully appreciate the simple, beautiful things that are part of the festive season!

Happy holidays, lots of love and see you very soon!

Sara ❄️

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