Discover Mimi & August Artisanal Soaps

Our artisanal natural bar soaps are a testament to the art of traditional soap making, invite you into a world where your skin's nourishment and care come first. Crafted with a rich palette of saponified oils and butters , our soaps are more than just a cleansing product; they're a gateway to a more ethical, sustainable skincare routine.


A Symphony of Natural Ingredients

At the core of our soap collection lies the magic of cold saponification—a time-honored method that preserves the integrity and beneficial properties of our carefully selected ingredients. Olive oil, alongside organic and fair-trade coconut and shea butters, forms the backbone of our recipes. These ingredients, known for their hydrating and soothing properties, are complemented by organic sunflower oil from Quebec, enriching each bar with Vitamin E and antioxidants. But our commitment to quality doesn't stop at the ingredients list. We ensure that every component, from the base oils to the last drop of essential oil, meets the highest standards of ethical sourcing and organic certification. This dedication not only reflects our respect for the planet but also guarantees a product that's genuinely kind to your skin.

A Touch of Local Charm

We take pride in our small-batch production process, which allows us to pour a bit of personal care and attention into every item we create. This approach ensures that every soap bar not only meets our high standards but also carries a piece of our home to yours. Our soaps are designed to be universally welcoming, catering to all skin types with their gentle, moisturizing properties. It's like having a family recipe that everyone can enjoy—a testament to our belief that the best skincare should be inclusive, effective, and, above all, natural.

Craftsmanship with Every Bar

The art of soap making is a craft we hold dear, blending tradition with modern sensibilities. Each bar is a masterpiece of careful formulation, ensuring that the natural properties of each ingredient are fully harnessed. This artisanal process is a labor of love, one that imbues our soaps with a unique character and efficacy unmatched by conventional products.