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5 Ways To Have A Gentle Start To The Year

You're searching for simple and inspirational ways to start this new year beautifully? Discover with Sara 5 ways to have a gentle start to the year in this blog. 🤍☕❄️
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6 Gentle Ways To Enjoy The Holiday Season

Get into the holiday spirit with this blog post as Sara shares her favorite activities for making the most of the festive season ! Discover inspiring ideas for creating a cozy and warm atmosphere in the run-up to Christmas. ☕❤️🕯️
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A Perfect Autumn Day In Montreal

You want to discover what looks like a perfect October cozy day in Montreal? Sara's here to tell you what consists of her ideal autumn day and help inspire you to create your own ! 🍂
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My Favourite Fall Rituals

You are currently searching for ways to make the most of this autumn season? Sara's here to inspire you with all of her personal favorite little fall rituals ! 🍂🤎☕
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10 Pleasant and Simple Activities Ideas To End Your Summer Beautifully

Wondering how to make the most of the rest of your summer, but not quite sure how to go about it? Sara presents you some sweet and simple ideas of activities. Let's end the summer beautifully together!
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Free Virtual Consultations Just For You

You find the process of finding a new swimsuit online quite overwhelming and intimidating? You don't know where to start and you wish you could have someone to help you? Our Mimi's personal advisers are here to help you! Book your appointment now so that we can help you find the best fit! 👙
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The inspirations behind our new collection OCEANA

Want to discover more about the inspirations behind our new OCEANA collection? :ocean: This blog post is for you!!! :sparkles:
Spoil Your Mom with These Unique and Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Spoil Your Mom with These Unique and Thoughtful Mother's Day Gift Ideas

You're in need of some inspiration for Mother's Day this year? Lets take a look together at a few gift ideas so that you can spend a lovely day with your Mom ! 🌸
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5 Creative Ways to Style Your Hair with Barrette Hair Clips

You are in need of some new creative and simple ideas to style your hair? Let's see together how we can create beautiful looks with barrette and hair clips.
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Selfcare tips to survive the hollow of winter

You're in need of some tips for surviving the rest of the winter? Let's see together how we can make the most of this season by appreciating the little things.

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Some changes at Mimi’s

I still remember the early days when I used to make all the swimsuits myself. Back then, it was just me and my passion for creating beautiful, high-quality swimwear that women would love to wear. And thanks to all of you, my dream started to take shape, and my little business began to grow.
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Creative and Romantic Valentine's Day Activities ideas

Here are a few creative and simple ideas to spend good moments with your favorite person this Valentine's Day !