Are you looking for ideas to style your hair with your hair clips and barrettes on a daily basis? This article is for you :) Mimi invites you to continue reading to find inspiration for your next hairstyles.

While hair accessories continue to be used in various ways over time, clips and barrettes are the must-have accessories of the moment. We don't know about you, but our drawers are quite full of them hehe!

Due to the great demand of her customers, Mimi recently decided to join the trend and release a new collection of hair clips. You really see them everywhere and they are loved by everyone. We totally understand why!

Their advantages are that they are easy to use and can add a little original touch to your hair and your daily looks. They are perfect for a chic yet relaxed look on busy mornings when we can't afford to spend too much time on our hair. Moreover, it is pleasant to use them since they come in many sizes, shapes and colors. There's something in them for everyone and it's perfect for having fun creating different hairstyles!

Here are five ideas for styling your hair with your clips and barrettes :

1. Messy half up half down bun

Nairobi hair clip from Mimi & August used with a half up half down ponytail on a girl with brown hair
A girl with long brown hair and a beige cardigan looking down

The first hairstyle we recommend is the messy half up half down. To do this, you will need a medium-sized hair clip. Here we used the Nairobi one. You just have to take half of your hair at the top and then create a half messy bun that you can then attach with the clip of your choice. You can also take out two locks of hair at the front of your face to complete your look if you wish.

This hairstyle is super convenient and quick and adds a little extra to the hair. Since it can be both casual and more chic, it is possible to wear it under the circumstances of your choice. This is our go-to look at Mimi’s!!

2. Hair up in a claw clip

Azure claw clip from Mimi & August on a girl's brown hair with a beige cardigan

A girl with her brown hair up looking down and smiling

The next hairstyle that we would have to present to you is called hair up in a claw clip. It is perfect for bad hair days, since all of our hair is up! To complete it, you just need to use a large hair clip of your choice.

In our case, we chose the Azure clip. Then you just have to take all of your hair by rolling it up and then tie it with your hair clip. You can choose to take out small strand for a more effortless look or tighten the clip without taking out any strands for a more sophisticated look.

This hairstyle is also very versatile! It can do just as well for a study, work or sports session where you need to get your hair out of the way or simply to elevate your look a little. This is a hairstyle that is both beautiful and useful. What could be better !

3. Small sided braids

A girl with brown hair and small sided braids with Milan's mini claw clips from Mimi & August

As a third hairstyle suggestion, Mimi suggests the small sided braids. For its realization, you will simply have to make two small braids on each side of your head. Then, attach the bottom of these with small rubber bands and the top of each of the braids with two clips. Quite simple !!

The suuuuper cute mini Milan clips were used in this photo.

It's a simple, delicate and feminine hairstyle and that's why we think it's a great addition to any outfit!

4. Half ponytail

A girl with long brown with a half ponytail and barrettes hair clips Palmeras and Camélia from Mimi & August

Another easy-to-create look idea would be the classic half ponytail, but embellished with original and different barrettes. To create it, you only have to take the top half of your hair and then tie it up. These are the pretty Palmeras and Camélia barrettes that are presented above.

Mimi's tip: If you really want to be sure that it lasts well all day long, we recommend that you tie your half ponytail with a small transparent elastic before adding your barrettes!

Our team particularly likes this look since it is original and different from the half ponytail that we are used to seeing everywhere. :)

5. One sided hair clips

Girl with brown hair wearing tortoise barrettes duo from Mimi & August

Finally, we suggest the one sided hair clips hairstyle. It is beautiful and very simple! This look requires you to take two barrettes and then place them one below the other on the side of your hair that suits you best. The classic tortoise barrette duo is the one we have opted for here!

What is good about this hairstyle is that it is minimal and elegant. It can easily be achieved while being ideal for a chic evening requiring a slight touch of elegance.

We are hoping that this gave you great inspiration for your next hairstyles and the desire to get on board with the trend of hair clips and barrettes if it is not already done. 🤍

Now it's your turn to have fun creating different looks with them. ✨

Ps: Don't hesitate to mix and match our barrettes for little more original and sought-after looks!

See you soon. 🌷

Sara O'Connor
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