Surviving the end of the wintertime

February is coming to an end, which means spring is now fast approaching, but the reality is also that winter is still upon us for now. We are tired of it at this point, and it's totally normal! Although we unfortunately cannot speed up the process, we can still choose our attitude as well as the lifestyle habits we will maintain on a daily basis. Romanticizing winter by looking for the beauty and the good while highlighting its benefits greatly helps to get through this season differently, and maybe even find pleasure and comfort in the midst of it!

Are you looking to include more sweetness in your daily life? This article is for you:) Keep reading to know our essentials for a gentle winter period that feels warm and good to the heart.

Our tips and tricks to survive the winter :

Create a relaxing routine

Our first tip for you would be to create yourself a cozy evening routine. A routine that will allow you to really relax at the end of your day. It's no secret that winter is hard, it's often gray, the days are shorter and we are more often at home in the evening. So why not take advantage of this icy period to warm your heart inside your home, to slow down a little and take time for yourself according to what makes you feel the most good.

Winter is the perfect opportunity to romanticize everything and take a candlelit bath, to read with a good cup of comforting tea in hand or to listen to your favorite show wrapped in a large comfortable blanket. Comfort guaranteed :)

A girl with a bread holding a cup of tea from Mimi & August

Introduce yourself to the concept of hygge

Our next tip is to take inspiration from the famous concept of hygge. Haven't you ever heard of it before? Hygge (pronounced "hoo-gah") is a word of Danish and Norwegian origin. It refers to a sense of well-being, a cheerful mood and an intimate and warm atmosphere. It is a state of mind considered positive provided by a moment considered comforting, pleasant and friendly.* We all agree that we need more of this type of comfort this season!

Among other things, you can practice hygge by introducing dim lighting into your daily life (be careful, never use the big lights in your home!!), but rather a lot of candles and small lamps to gently illuminate your evenings. This is really the perfect recipe for a comforting atmosphere.

How to get inspired on a daily basis

One of the keys to a down spirit is also inspiration. It helps us to find motivation on a daily basis and to get out of the winter blues. It is everywhere when we take the time to be more attentive to what surrounds us. There is no "right" way to find inspiration since it remains subjective to everyone, but we still offer you some beautiful ways to inspire you on a daily basis.

This can look like :

  • Create a winter playlist with your favorite songs to accompany and inspire you every day.
  • Create a Pinterest board to find winter outfit inspirations or cozy layout ideas for your living room.
  • You can even start dreaming about spring and prepare for it by taking inspiration from more spring-like playlists and Pinterest boards!

Practice gratitude 

Practicing thankfulness is another great tip to get through the winter more enjoyably. Being aware of what you have rather than focusing on what you don't have helps to appreciate the present moment more and see the beauty in each season. Keeping a gratitude journal is also a great way to practice being grateful on a daily basis.

Hands writing in a gratitude notebook from Mimi & August on a bed

Taking care of our health 

We can never say it enough, taking care of your mental and physical health is so important and essential! Especially during winter, when the latter are much more likely to be affected. Taking care of your health can look like many things such as sleeping well, eating well, exercising and especially enjoying the sun and fresh air when you can. It's crazy what a walk outside in the sun and a little fresh air can do to our spirit!

Enjoying comforting drinks and meals

Another tip Mimi could give you to help you get through winter would be to take the time to cook yourself homemade meals for the season. Same thing here, cold weather is the perfect time for comfort food. So put on your apron and accompany yourself with your favorite music to cook something! 

You can also take advantage of this winter period to warm up with hot drinks according to your preferences (coffee, tea or matcha). It's always nice to enjoy a nice hot drink in a nice little coffee shop, but it can also be done very well at home, it's up to you to see what suits you best :).

Surrounding ourselves with people who make us feel good

It may sound simple, but it's so important! Life and human relationships are far from always being easy, but the beauty of it is that we can always choose to surround ourselves with people who really do us good. It's gentle to the heart. Even more so during this time, we invite you to invest in the small quality moments shared with your favorite people. Why not take advantage of this time to find comfort in winter activities or intimate dinners with friends at home?

Treating ourselves

Finally, at Mimi’s we believe in self-love, because there is nothing more beautiful than learning to simply love yourself. Loving yourself can seem like many aspects, but it can simply be to do something good and pleasurable for yourself, to spoil yourself with small things and simple moments, to surround yourself with more sweetness on a daily basis. And there doesn't necessarily have to be a reason or opportunity to do so.

There are many beautiful ways to treat ourselves, here are some for you:)

  • Buy pretty flowers on a Tuesday afternoon just because. 
  • Or get your favorite tea or coffee. 
  • Use your moisturizer or burn your favorite candle because it just smells too good. 
  • Find beautiful winter clothes that make you feel good. 
  • Or decorate your home to create an environment in which you feel good during these months when you spend more time indoors.

Arthea candle from Mimi & August burning on a desk beside a vase of dried flowers

Hoping that this has inspired you to include more sweet moments in your daily life and that it will help you get through the hollowness of winter while waiting for spring to appear. 🤍🌷

*Reference :

Sara O'Connor
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Hélène Déry said:

Beau travail de conseils/photos/descriptions des textes! Merci à Sara et Mimi & August 👋

Di said:

Vraiment bien! Juste de lire ton texte m’a fait du bien. Vraiment, bienveillance est le mot…Merci Sara et Mimi!

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