A Breath of Fresh Air for Your Home

Forget about those old-school air fresheners that hit you with a wave of chemicals – Mimi & August’s spray is all about keeping it real with ingredients that smell amazing and are kind to your nose. It’s the perfect sidekick for eliminating those pesky odors and making your space feel like it just had a spa day.


Safe Haven: Non-Toxic Ingredients for Peace of Mind

Embrace the ultimate sense of freshness with the assurance of safety and well-being. Mimi & August's room sprays are formulated with safe, non-toxic ingredients, making them a perfect choice for homes bustling with the energy of children and pets. The commitment to non-toxicity ensures that every spray enriches your air with a clean, invigorating scent, without compromising the health of your loved ones. Whether you're revitalizing the living room or adding a hint of freshness to your workspace, these room sprays offer a safe, delightful fragrance experience.

On-the-Go Freshness: Compact and Convenient

Packaged in sleek, 10 ml bottles, these sprays are the epitome of convenience and portability. Their compact size makes them an ideal companion for freshening up not only your home but also your car, office, or any space on the go. This portability ensures that the refreshing essence of Mimi & August is always at your fingertips, ready to transform any environment into a more pleasant and inviting space.

Elegance Meets Eco-Friendliness

We love Mimi & August room sprays because they're more than just fragrances; they embody a lifestyle of joy, health, and eco-awareness. With each spray, we turn our homes into sanctuaries of freshness. Choosing Mimi & August means prioritizing a happier, healthier home. Our candles complement our room sprays, crafted for both sensory pleasure and sustainability. Imagine a candle that not only smells wonderful but also respects the planet. This commitment to sustainable luxury lets you indulge responsibly.