Precious and creative moments to share

      You’re searching for romantic and creative activities to share with your sweet half this year for Valentine’s day? This blog post may be for you ! At Mimi’s, we invite you to invest in those small moments you can appreciate together so that you can come back to the essential. Let’s not forget the importance of those. Those quality moments are precious ! They give us the ability to grow closer to each other and to create beautiful memories. The beauty in it is that it doesn’t have to be too expensive. It is possible to use our creativity to differ from our usual restaurant dates. That is the reason why our team has some fun and creative interior and exterior dates to suggest to you so that you can spend some sweet and romantic moments this Valentine’s Day.

      Activities ideas to do at home

      Here are some ideas to create some intimate moments at home :

      Write love letters to each other for Valentine’s Day

      What if you and your partner took the time to underline your appreciation for each other? Communicating with words can be hard sometimes, but putting them on paper can be a really good alternative. That is why we propose that you and your sweet half write kind words of love  to each other with the help of our lovely notebooks. This is going to help you share freely your love to each other while giving you the ability to grow emotionally closer. It is also going to create beautiful memories to keep in your archives. 

      Create your couple bucket list

      Why not create a couple bucket list together in the comfort of your living room by the light of a beautiful candle and your favorite playlist in the background? It's a moment that may seem simple, but so precious at the same time ! These moments when we take the time to sit down and share all our aspirations and wishes for the years to come not only allow us to get closer by getting to know each other even better, but also to simply dream together of the future.  At Mimi’s we really like notepads specially designed for to-do lists on which you can easily have an overview since you can check off the activities that are done as you go along. We advise you to detach the sheet and hang it on a wall where your bucket list can be evident. That way, there are no excuses for forgetting it afterwards!

      Enjoy a quiet night at home

      Nothing better than a quiet evening at home with the person you love, right? It's simple since it requires little planning, it's always pleasant and it certainly creates good little precious moments. The great thing about these little evenings is that there are a whole lot of ways to create one in our image according to our preferences. If you're more of a romantic candlelight evening type where you cook a meal together and dress cute, we suggest you create a little romantic dinner and put on the effort on the atmosphere, the music, the smells by opting for beautiful romantic music and comforting-smelling candles for a guaranteed intimate atmosphere. If, on the other hand, for you, an evening at home rhymes more with a movie marathon, then opt for that instead! Cozy socks and matching sweaters accompanied by a good comforting meal and a glass of wine in hand will be the perfect elements to prioritize for a successful cozy and relaxing evening.

      Activities ideas to do outside

      Here are some ideas to create some intimate moments outside :

      Valentine’s Day at the Old-Port

      The Old Port is such a beautiful place to walk around and do activities! There is truly something magical about the unique vibe this historic place can give us, which is why we think it's a great idea of place to create some quality time between lovers on Valentine's Day.  Among the many activities that are possible to be done there, we believe that nothing beats an evening of skating in the Old Port. Whether you are comfortable with skating or not (giggling guaranteed if not), it is certain that you will spend an evening filled with beautiful memories. It is also a good opportunity to enjoy the winter activities of the season while sharing a pleasant evening. Another good idea would be to spend the day at Spa Bota Bota, also located in the Old Port! If you are looking for an intimate, romantic and relaxing activity to spend with your person, this is really the ideal place for you. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to come and visit our shop in the Old Port and find yourself a swimsuit !

      Romantic walk in the forest

      Because a short walk in the forest will always remain one of the best remedies for some sweetness, another activity idea to do this year for Valentine's Day would be to go for a walk in nature. There is something therapeutic in simply coming to recharge your batteries in the heart of the latter for a moment. It's also a great way to spend some intentional time with the person you love away from the outside noises of the city. Why not go to Parc du Mont-Royal to breathe some fresh air and admire the beautiful view on February 14? We don't know about you, but we'll never get tired of enjoying this super beautiful and accessible place. Were you looking for an opportunity to wear your new Mimi beanie? Well here's a really good one !

      Intimate candlelight concert

      Have you ever heard of Candlelight music concerts? This is the romantic place to enjoy beautiful music in a totally magical atmosphere lit by candlelight for an evening! It's quite majestic setting being located in an old cathedral in Montreal is based on the concept of a musical experience aimed at paying tribute to different musical artists using different musical instruments. A concert specially designed for Valentine's Day is planned for this year. Intimacy, beauty and softness will certainly be met. Tickets are still available if you were looking for a way to celebrate this special day !

      Hope this encourages you to create good little moments with your person this year for Valentine's Day.

      Sara O'Connor
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