Why it’s the little moments that counts

We often associate Valentine’s Day with the idea of the classic date or the perfect gift and the romantic relationships, but what if we learned how to see things a little bit differently? By remembering this is not the only important thing. Valentine’s Day can also simply be the celebration of love in all its forms ! It is the perfect occasion to remind our loved ones how we love them, to spend a beautiful evening with our friends or with our family or even for exercising the principle of self love and take some time for ourselves. At Mimi’s we believe that it is also the little moments that count. Let’s see together in this article how it is possible to create those sweet ones this year for Valentine’s Day. 

Tiny words of affection

greeting card I love you in french by mimi and august

Valentine’s Day is also the opportunity to show our beloved ones how much they count. It may be your sweet half, your bestie, your friend or your family. Everyone deserves to know their worth through your own eyes. Do not underestimate the importance of words of affirmation in your relationships ! Greeting cards full of tiny words of affection are a beautiful way to communicate our love to the ones that we love the most. 

How to create a warm space

Lighted floral scented candle by mimi and august beside a lily flower

At Mimi’s, comfort totally equals candles. We think that there is truly nothing better than a delightful candle to perfume a Valentine’s Day evening. They will add a warm feeling to your place while also enveloping your rooms with a pleasant smell. A candle is also the ideal gift to offer to someone we love. It is clearly a beautiful attention to give and we realistically never have enough candles !  

Mimi’s Team has a big crush on the Flora Candle that reminds us of romance and gentleness with her floral perfume of rose. She really seems like the ideal smell to celebrate this special occasion in all its sweetness. I don’t know for you, but as simple as it looks, candles really have a way of putting a balm on our hearts in every moment. So why not opting for a cozy dinner at home accompanied by the warm light of a candle? Absolute comfort will be met ! 

Your favorite person also really loves coffee? You’re in luck, because our candle mugs are actually reusable ! After using them entirely, you can transform them into coffee mugs or in a lovely jar to use as you prefer. #coffeelover

The perfect atmosphere for a romantic moment

Herbarium room spray by mimi and august sprayed on a bed

Because a good atmosphere can really change it all, Mimi’s team suggests you to add a little fresh touch in your home by opting for a room spray that will perfume all of your favorite rooms. (Mimi’s Team loveeed the Cielo’s smell) If you are searching for the perfect spray, stop searching. This will give your room a fresh and soothing atmosphere with its soft notes of figs, cassis and amber. Romantic ambience guaranteed. 

Our sprays are surely a beautiful element to add to your Valentine’s Day evening. We recommend you to simply add a few sprays beside your bed for a delicate, soothing and small romantic touch inside your space. Smells are often associated with memories, they will help satisfy your sentimental side by capturing little precious moments during this special day.

Lovely gift for Valentine’s Day

Heart shaped Zircon earrings by mimi and august laid on a blanket

We think that another great way to treat ourselves or our loved ones is by offering beautiful jewelry. Who doesn’t like to receive a new piece of jewelry? It’s a small attention that is always pleasant and that can help testify our love to the ones that reside a special place in our hearts. 

While staying in the same theme, our earrings « You stole my heart », in shapes or little hearts, instantly remind us of the celebration of love. They seem like the perfect pair of earrings to offer to ourselves or a beloved one this Valentine’s Day. It is also a really good way of subtly saying to someone we love them !  


We hope this can give you a few ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day by creating tiny moments and small gestures to you and your people this year. 

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