Joannie Houle stories by mimi & august

Stories: Joannie Houle

We really enjoyed collaborating with her for our new Café Yo Cup reusable mug: Little Spring. Learn more about Joannie Houle, a kindhearted artist from Montreal.

Nada Nour El Hak article by mimi & august

Coffee Lover: Nada Nour El Hak

Nada Nour El Hak explores third-wave cafés and found interest in discovering and tasting coffee. This new passion, combined with her love for visual art and photography, gave birth to her personal account @moonlightx0, that discusses about coffee, fashion and literature. 
Fleur Maison stories by Mimi & August

Stories: Fleur Maison

Vanessa Béland’s main mission? Create feel good products that brings joy into people’s hearts. Meet this dynamic full of life woman and find who is behind Fleur Maison.
Brodie Vissers by Mimi & August

Stories: Brodie Vissers

He had never drank coffee before, so every sip was a new experience, and he just took it from there and now both photography and coffee have become his profession.
Jacinthe Hall embroidery stories by mimi & august

Stories: Jacinthe Hall

We were completely charmed by Jacinthe Hall, a mom, an artist and someone who is passionate about embroidery and photography. Meet this inspiring woman who likes all things "beautiful, creative and different".