Joannie Houle stories by mimi & august

Stories: Joannie Houle

Her agenda consists of good coffee and music. That's all Joannie Houle needs to start her day off right and start creating. Her greatest achievement? Being able to do art on a daily basis.

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Brodie Vissers

Coffee lover: Brodie Vissers

He had never drank coffee before, so every sip was a new experience, and he just took it from there and now both photography and coffee have become his profession.
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Jacinthe Hall embroidery stories by mimi & august

Stories: Jacinthe Hall


We were completely charmed by Jacinthe Hall, a mom, an artist and someone who is passionate about embroidery and photography. Meet this inspiring woman who likes all things "beautiful, creative and different".
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Mimi & August | Charlotte Dussault et son petit pitou

Stories : Charlotte Dussault

The young worker warned us about the hidden side of Instagram and how it can become heady and  question authenticity. She admits to us and herself that sometimes she does get lost in the world of pictures and appearances.

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Meet Fred Gingras - Illustrator collaboration with Mimi & August

In the mind of Fred Gingras

I'm not much more than a guy from Montreal with a brush, an iPhone & an unshakeable optimism that wants to change the world.

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Sarah Babineau | Mimi and August

The secret behind our pictures: Sarah Babineau

I have always been curious about people that surround me. And when I meet them, I am terrible! I talk too much, ask too many questions and I am interested in them, which is not something we are used to in our generation.
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