After meeting with her husband, Nada Nour El Hak explores third-wave cafés and found interest in discovering and tasting coffee. This new passion, combined with her love for visual art and photography, gave birth to her personal account @moonlightx0, that discusses about coffee, fashion and literature.

Discover our caffeinated crush of the moment: Nada!

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She had always been a big fan of fashion

When we asked Nada where her interest in clothing came from, she told us that she had always been a big fan of fashion, but what she calls « her existential clothing crisis » opened her eyes. After this episode, she decided to start wearing the hijab. However, north-eastern African clothing wasn’t her thing:

How can I respect my religious choice and dress myself so that I can express my passion for fashion?

After trying on several styles of clothing, Nada was inspired by the looks of the 70s and started remixing classic pieces with more playful clothes. Her style is never definitive; however, it changes with the seasons and according to the general mood of our fashion fanatic! She’s always looking for beautiful vintage clothing. To find unique clothes, she goes shopping at Renaissance, the Value Village and smaller thrift stores in Montreal.

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Our coffee lover explains that it was her husband who helped her develop a passion for coffee: 

It is always nice when you travel together, to write a list of the coffees that you could visit, test and discover new flavors that have never been experienced before.

For Nada, the description of a great coffee shop is very simple: know how to make a good shot of espresso and foam the milk properly.

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Our guest shared her three favorite coffee shop in Montreal: the Pikolo espresso Bar, the Odessa Café and the Difference Café. The peculiarity of these places? A great talent and a strong knowledge in coffee making.

Nada is also a good reader. Her favorites? Harry Potter (discovered thanks to her big sister) and Emily Brontë’s classics.

In addition to fashion, coffee and reading, Nada loves spinning classes and can be found at @Spincomontreal. Of course, she enjoys family outings with her husband Hemmrik and their son Omar. And just like us, she loves jumping into her cozy bed after a busy day (and never getting out)!

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Nada’s family is very important to her.

She mentions some of the most important figures in her. First, her mother, whom our coffee fan expresses as being extremely strong and courageous:

If one day I could possess as much goodness in my actions as my mother, I would have accomplished many beautiful things.

Other important members of Nada’s family, her sister Ichrak, whom she nicknamed « her second mother », and her husband Hemmrik, that brings balance in her life. Finally, she mentions their son Omar, whom she loves with all her heart and who knows how to keep her busy day and night!

Upcoming projects? Nada wants to experiment new platforms such as Youtube or a blog. You can follow her on Instagram here: @moonlightx0.

Coffee Questions

How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?
There was a time when I had three or even four coffees a day! Now, I stick to one in the morning and sometimes a second one in the afternoon if the night was short.

How do you like your coffee?
ICED!!!!! I sometimes take an iced latte, even in winter.

Finish the phrase: I am a coffee lover because...
The flavours that are discovered and enjoyed in every cup of coffee are never the same.

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