We really enjoyed collaborating with her on our new Café Yo Cup reusable mug: Little Spring. Learn more about Joannie Houle, a kindhearted artist from Montreal. 

Her agenda consists of good coffee and music.

That's all Joannie Houle needs to start her day off right and start creating. Her greatest achievement? Being able to do art on a daily basis.

Joannie Houle Collaboration with Mimi and August
Joannie spent most of her childhood on her grandparents' farm in Mauricie. The countryside, the flowers, the colorful plants and the fascinating creatures of nature are her greatest source of inspiration.

She dreams of living in the countryside in the near future, to be able to reconnect with nature.

Joannie’s artistic crystallization began after her studies in Marketing. In fact, she has never taken any professional art courses. Self-taught, she learned to paintand illustrate on her own and decided to combine her two passions: art and business, which led to Joannie opening her online store in 2015. 

"Even during my studies in university, I loved painting during my free time, it allowed me to explore my emotions and reduce stress. Art has helped me focus, find balance and well-being."

Her favorite artists consists of painter Amy Judd, Oana Befort and her colourful illustrations and the paper art by Ann Wood. When Joannie does not create art, she can be found in her kitchen cooking or playing around with her camera.

Joannie Houle instagram account stories by mimi & august

Being your own boss is quite challenging.

So, what does Joannie do to be productive? Set realistic daily goals in order to be well organized and on top of her things. She is always more creative in the morning, so she takes the afternoon to do research, respond to emails or do management tasks.


Joannie Houle studio by Mimi & August 

About Little Spring


Collaborating with other artists is extremely important to Joannie, since it’s a source of inspiration for her work. 


Joannie wanted to create a pattern that was both delicate and colourful, announcing the arrival of good weather and the first blooms. She opted for a composition of different wildflowers that can be seen at the beginning of spring! Featuring buttercups (Ranunculus), forget-me-nots (Myosotis) and many other spring flowers, the Little Spring Café Yo Cup is the perfect reusable mug for a bright sunny day. 


It’s the love of flowers that inspired Joannie for her new design. Her favorite flowers? She can’t decide! She definitely enjoys wildflowers, which she loves to illustrate and observe in nature. She also appreciates the simplicity and delicacy of daisies.

Joannie Houle stories by Mimi & August

Joannie Houle Little Spring cup by Mimi & August


The first thing Joannie needs when she wakes up is hot, hot coffee! The following recipe is one of her favorites, which she will definitely drink in her reusable cup


Maple and cinnamon latte

  • 1 espresso shot
  • Vegetable drink of your choice (She uses an oatmeal drink, original and unsweetened
  • 1 large tablespoon of maple syrup (2 if you have a sweet tooth!)
  • Cinnamon to taste

For an iced version, just add a few ice cubes and you're done!

Follow Joannie on Instagram to learn more about her new projects (@joanniehoule_art).

Wanna tell us your favorite coffee recipe? Tag us at @mimiandaugust with your Little Spring Café Yo Cups! 

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