Vanessa Béland’s main mission? Create feel good products that brings joy into people’s hearts. A fan of anything pink, she is also in love with interior design and pop culture.

Fleur Maison Instagram account stories by Mimi & August

After a couple of years of uncertainty, Vanessa finally found her passion: decorating and visual presentation. Ever since she finished her education, three years ago, she’s created her own company that included her blog, her interior design services and graphic design joint with her husband.

As far as she remembers, she always loved interior design.

For her, the importance is not the appearance of a room, but the overall energy that it brings. Her best decorating advice? Trust your instinct and listen to your desires instead of following the latest trends.

Fleur Maison Instagram account stories by Mimi & August

For her creations, Vanessa is mainly inspired by her daily life:

It allows me to have a vision that is 100% unique and that is my own, because there are no two Vanessa Bélands in the world.

She also draws her inspiration from popular culture to create playful and colorful products. She’s also inspired from people’s childhood memories to create feel good products.

Vanessa started her YouTube channel on a whim. In terms of her blog, the decision was a lot more thought through. This medium allows her to express her states of mind and to showcase her decoration projects. In both cases, it allows Vanessa to offer her followers an incursion into her daily life.

Fleur Maison Instagram account stories by Mimi & August

Why the name “Fleur Maison”? Vanessa is a fan of flowers and decorations. Since then, the two words never left each other and people have adopted it immediately.

Pink is more than a just a colour for her, it’s a way of life.

This colour brings her joy and inner peace, while also reminding her of good memories like her wedding dress, her first home and her company logo. She can also count on her husband's approval, since he loves pink just as much as she does! Moreover, the greatest achievement of Fleur Maison is undoubtedly her love story with Félix:

He is my whole universe and there is not much I wouldn’t do for him. He supports me and encourages me, pushes me and loves me.

It's been 8 years since they’ve been in each other's lives. We only wish them nothing but happiness!

Fleur Maison Instagram account stories by Mimi & August

Follow Vanessa on social media to be aware of all her new upcoming projects! @fleurmaison 

You can also visit the couple’s online shop:

Quick questions
Your favorite character in the Harry Potter series?
Even if I'm definitely Hermione, I'm going to say Harry, because without him there would be no story ahah.
Your favorite plants?
Ficus of all kinds, especially Elastica and Lyrata. And my favorite plant: an Aglaonema that has beautiful pink leaves and pretty flowers depending on the season.
Your favorite moment of the day?
When my husband turns the key in the door announcing his return from work.
What are your favourite decoration shops?
  • Urban Outfitters is my little crush at the moment, I would like to buy everything to the despair of my husband.
  • Ikea which remains my favourite place ever.
  • Homesense for its low prices and decoration objects.
  • All that is bazaar / garage sale / second hand shop.


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