A mom, an artist and someone who is passionate about embroidery and photography

We were completely charmed by Jacinthe Hall, a mom, an artist and someone who is passionate about embroidery and photography. Meet this inspiring woman who likes all things "beautiful, creative and different". 

mother and son stories by mimi & august

Embroidery of flowers by jacinthe hall stories by mimi & august

Jacinthe met her soulmate at the age of 16, and it took her 10 years of treatment and hope to finally be able to have what she calls "her miracle baby"; Marcus. Since then, they live the perfect happiness. The balance of their daily life is based on simple moments. The love she brings to her family is definitely reflected in her photos. 

"We are fervent followers of slow living. For us, it means, take the time; the time to appreciate the little moments of life as much as the big ones and to live with intention »

mother and son in the mountains stories by mimi & august

father and son in the mountains stories by mimi & august

Art has always had a great place in Jacinthe's life

At risk of depression, Jacinthe was looking for a new creative activity. No one knew that this hobby would turn out to be a real passion of hers! For her birthday, she asked her sister to get the basic embroidery kit.

beautiful embroidery jacinthe hall by mimi & august


In January 2018, an artist was born. Today, she makes many works of art with a nature theme. She is inspired by everything around her like : leaves that change colors, current seasons, and also her sons drawings. She also accepts custom requests from her clients.

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novel for children jacinthe hall stories by mimi & august

Art has always had a great place in Jacinthe's life and she is also a fan of many other artists. Among those who inspire her are Lysa Jordan, tattoo artist Yann Black, illustrators Lucile L, Joannie Houle, and many others.

"It's a way for me to channel my emotions in a positive way, to empty and refocus on myself. For me, art is a painting, a photograph, a musical piece, but above all, it’s to observe the beauty that surrounds me, like the way the sun that hits the ground or the way the leaves move in the wind. This is how I integrate it mostly in my daily life. "

To this day, the public's growing interest in her artistic creations still surprises Jacinthe. She is currently working on opening her store/gallery which will offer unique designs, the option of custom orders, courses, and more.

jacinthe hall decor stories by mimi & august

We hope that this project will allow her free up her kitchen table, which is always too crowded with sketches and embroidery!

Rapid-fire questions
Cats of dogs? Definitely cats
3 words to describe yourself? Introvert, creative, emotional
One thing on your « bucket list »? Top of the list currently: Scotland/Ireland

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Danielle Ménard said:

Non mais quelle belle histoire c’est vraiment toi que l’on ressent dans tes œuvre continue je suis en admiration pour ce que tu fait 👏

Melodie LePailleur said:

Une belle histoire inspirante. Jacinthe est une femme qui voit la beauté dans la simplicité des choses. J’adore!

Lyse Marion said:

Really nice story on Jacinthe. She is truly gifted and inspiring!

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