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Every summer, we find ourselves noticing how time always passes too quickly. I don't know about you, but I start each summer with anticipation of all the great activities I'll finally be able to do in order to make the summer season worthwhile. However, the longer it goes on, the more I end up realizing that I haven't done everything I would have liked to accomplish at the beginning of the summer. We've only just started August, and as we soon enter the famous back-to-school period, I want to maximize the time I have left and invest it in summer activities that I particularly enjoy doing, that will do me good, that will let me unwind, enjoy the beautiful weather and, above all, practice being in the present moment! If this applies to you too and you're looking for inspiration, I invite you to read on. I've come up with 10 simple and creative ideas to help us make the most of the end of our summer and make the most of the beautiful summer days we still have left! ☀️

A pleasant nature walk

a pleasant walk in nature

The first activity I'd like to suggest is a peaceful walk in nature. It can be a hike or a run, whichever you prefer! Whether for intermediates or beginners, it's an activity that always feels good. Among the many beautiful places in our province, Mount-Royal Park, Mount Saint-Hilaire, Mount Saint-Bruno, Park National of Oka and de la gorge Park  in Coaticook are just some of the great options. The reward and satisfaction at the end is undoubtedly admiring the beautiful view from the top of the mountain.

Enjoy an drive in movie night

This is a great activity for lovers, friends or family. For maximum comfort, all you need is a suitcase and a vehicle with cushions and blankets. And because movies and food go hand in hand, bring along your favorite snacks to go with it! These include Cine Park of St-Hilaire, Cine Park of St-Eustache, Cine Park Orford in Sherbrooke and Cine Park Belle neige in Val-Morin.

Have a day of swimming

Herboria Lima swimsuit top from Mimi & August

A day of swimming at both the beach and the pool is another great refreshing idea to take advantage of the warm weather. There's something so relaxing and pleasant about a dip in the water and a tanning session in the sun. Faithfully accompanied by my favorite Herboria Mimi swimsuit, it's an even more successful day hihi!

A girl wearing the Herboria Lima top and Paloma bottom from Mimi & August with a white flowy jacket at the beach

Reading and laying down at the park

A peaceful day of reading at the park

What could be better than an afternoon reading peacefully in the park on the grass? This simple activity will let you soak up the sun, relax and unwind for a while. Choose your favorite park from the abundance of them we have here, and enjoy! Happiness is simple when you take the time to realize it! Some of my absolute favorite pleasant parks in Montreal are Laurier Park, Jeanne Mance Park, Lafontaine Park and Outremont Park.

Enjoy a good ice cream

Would this be a summer activity list if I didn't include an ice cream outing? I don't think so! Summer's the time to enjoy ice cream and try out the great places we have here! Among the famous ice cream shops out here, my favorites by far are Icono glace, Havre aux glaces and Kem Coba! Choose your own favorite and enjoy it too!

Have a picnic evening of sunset contemplation

Summer pic nic contemplation at the park

Admiring the sunset is, and always will be, one of my favorite activities. Whether in a group or on your own, contemplating the beauty of nature around you is a great way to stop and enjoy the moment. Summer is the perfect time to have a lovely picnic on a blanket with a glass of wine and a beautiful sunset. It's guaranteed to be full of pleasant moments and precious memories!

Have dinner outside at the restaurant

It's also the perfect time to take advantage of the famous terrace season! Let's make the most of the time we have left to dine outdoors with our loved ones, while it's still the right time. There's certainly no shortage of terrace options out here! My favorite terrace restaurant is definitely the No. 900 Pizza for its delicious pizza!

Spend an afternoon at the flower garden

An afternoon at the Montreal Botanical Garden to admire beauty of flowers

If you love flowers as much as I do, this is your kind of activity !!!! I truly consider myself a flower lover. 🌼 I just really enjoy spending time smelling them and gently admiring their captivating beauty. My favorite place to do this, by far, is the Montreal Botanical Garden. No matter where you are located, there are plenty of beautiful places for you to do it!

Go blueberry and raspberry picking

August is also a great time to pick blueberries and raspberries. It's a sweet idea for an outdoor activity on a day off! Afterwards, you can enjoy them and even cook with them if you feel like it! Here are some great places to pick your own little fruits: A. Belisle & Fils, la Bleuetière Point-du-jour, la Ferme Forget and la Ferme Giroflée.

Appreciate a frozen drink

Enjoying a cold drink in the Rosita Café Yo Cup From Mimi & August

The last of my favorite activities is to take advantage of the end of summer to enjoy your favorite frozen drinks. On a hot day, there's nothing more refreshing than a good iced drink. With my Rosita - coffee yo mug in hand, I like to know that I've got just the thing to cool me down on that day. I'm personally a huge matcha fan, but iced coffee or chai can do the job as well!

I hope this has inspired you to enjoy the last few days of summer by creating precious little moments and memories. Take care Mimis, and I'll see you very soon for another blog post!

Sara from Mimi ✨

Sara O'Connor


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Bravo pour cet article inspirant où douceur et réconfort sont au menu! ❤️

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Belle idée de sortie pour la saison de l’été avec photos inclus Merci pour cette belle proposition Sara de chez Mimi& August Bonne fin d’été à toi et ton équipe!

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