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While the cozy season is officially among us, I'm back with you today with a brand new blog post I couldn't wait to share with you. While autumn and the arrival of cold weather may seem like a less joyous time for some, if you're like me, the fall season simply makes you happy by immediately thinking of all the beautiful little things it can bring you. Whether it's the beauty in the transition of the seasons, in admiring the changing colors of the trees, in the comfort of a candle, a cup of tea or a cozy sweater on a chilly evening, in the smell of cinnamon or a cool autumn morning breeze, I believe that autumn has a way of bringing us back to the essence of the small pleasures found in things that may seem quite simple to us. I love autumn so much that I like to have my own little rituals to enjoy this precious season that passes so quickly! I invite you to read on for my favorite ways to make the most of it.  🫶🏻

Create an autumn wardrobe

Fall clothing on a rack

What could be better than creating a new fall wardrobe? It's such a great way to soak up a new season! I love the beautiful neutral, earthy color palette of fall! Beige, brown, white and terracotta are really some of my favorite colors. Sweaters, cozy scarves and beanies are all staples I look forward to adding to my fall wardrobe every year. I personally love pulling out my entire fall wardrobe at the beginning of the season and sorting through it so I can then add a few new pieces to my wardrobe! 🤍

Admire the changing colors of the leaves

Fall leave in front of a tree during autumn

Another aspect I particularly enjoy about this sweet season is stopping to take in the splendor of the breathtaking scenery. Being in awe of so much beauty always teaches me a little more about living in the moment and being in constant gratitude and appreciation. That little moment when the leaves change color doesn't last long, but is so precious to me. Walking through the crackling leaves, gently turning my head and catching a glimpse of trees filled with bright orange and red will always remain a central part of autumn for me. 🍂

Buy new autumn candles

Mimi & August - Eucalypto and Cielo candle sitting on a table beside a white candle

Another fall essential for me would be the famous candleees !!! 🕯️ Every beginning of fall, aside from looking forward to wearing cozy sweaters and admiring the beautiful colors of the trees, I get all excited about getting my new candles in comforting various fragrances. Eucalyptus, pumpkin, spice and forest scents are my particular favorites during this time of year. I love having a small candle in the background both while I'm working and when I'm resting in the evening. It's amazing how the gentle glimmer of a candle can comfort me and transport me to an autumn atmosphere in an instant!

Decorate your space for fall season

a girl decorating her room for the arrival of fall season

Just as I like to create a fall wardrobe, I also love to create a cozy decor in my bedroom to accompany me into the new season. Personally, I find that decorating your environment according to the theme of the current season really allows you to immerse yourself in it and enjoy it to the full! Having a calm, peaceful and comforting environment is very important to me. That's how I feel good. I like to incorporate little autumnal touches into my room without changing everything, to save time and money! My favorite little things to add are of course lots of different candles, bouquets of dried flowers as well as warm blankets. 🤎

Paint your nails while listening to your favorite autumn playlist

Fall brown nails in front of autum leaves sitting on the ground

What could be better than painting your nails in autumnal colors on a rainy Sunday afternoon? I love taking advantage of the current season to pull out all my autumn nail polishes and alternate between the shades of browns, oranges and beiges I own. If you're like me, you'll even try to match your outfits with your nails, it's so much fun to do hihi! The best part is listening to an autumn playlist while painting your nails!

If you're looking for a good playlist to get you in the autumn mood, here's the one that's constantly with me this time of year: my favorite playlist of the moment for a comforting fall season. 🧡

Enjoy a nice hot beverage

A girl with her autumn outfit holding her café Yo Cup from Mimi & August with a fall drink inside

Comforting beverages are absolutely part of my daily routine during the fall, I always have one on hand! ☕ In my opinion, there's really nothing like a warm beverage to warm the heart, plus in my Mimi reusable coffee mug, it's simply the perfect match. Among my favorite autumn drinks, you'll definitely find tea and matcha. Out of the hot beverages I'm particularly fond of, I really enjoy sipping David's Tea's pumpkin-spiced teas and Tazo chai tea!

Watch a comforting show

A girl holding a cup of tea while watching Gilmore Girls in ther cozy bed on a perfect fall day

Lastly, I like to take advantage of autumn to simply listen to my favorite comforting series in cozy mode in my bed and cozy blankets. Bonus? Taking the opportunity to do this on a rainy day when I don't have to feel guilty about doing it all day! Fall is a beautiful season filled with great activity opportunities yes, but it's also a time to dare to learn to slow down and rest at home. My favorite fall series is definitely Gilmore Girls as many of you too I think!!! This fall, I invite you to choose yours and settle in comfortably to do the same, just because it feels good. 🧡

Here are my favorite things to do every day to make the most of autumn! Hopefully they can inspire you to do the same. ✨ And you, what are your favorite autumn rituals? Wishing you lots of good, sweet, comforting moments in this beautiful start to October! 🍁
See you very soon for another blog post,
Sara From Mimi xx

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