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As the beautiful weather is finally with us and our new swimwear collection is officially out, I'm writing to you today to tell you a little more about OCEANA! I sat down with our dear Co-Founder Camille recently so she could explain in more depth the beautiful inspirations behind the new collection. I find it so relevant to have access to this beautiful information! I find that they allow us even more to let ourselves be transported into the collection and its universe. 🌊✨

woman bathing in the sea wearing mimi and august's oceana swimsuit set

The inspirations and creative process behind a collection

First of all, Camille told me that when it's time for her to think of a new theme, she really goes with her gut feeling. That's what allows her to be totally free in her creative process! She starts by thinking about what she'd like to wear and what she visualizes when she thinks about the collection in question, and then starts to draw from a specific detail.

woman wearing mimi and august moonflower swimsuit set on the beach in miami

In the case of the OCEANA collection, the famous Oceana model initially started with drawings of shells and seaweed inspired by the aquatic world. Camille also wanted to add a touch of botanical inspiration by including flowers in the collection (such as the Herboria and Moonflower models), which are one of MIMI's signature elements, as well as vegetation and branches. OCEANA is totally inspired by the union of the botanical and marine worlds. OCEANA's designs were conceived and created on the basis of all these elements.

woman wearing a dunes one piece by mimi and august looking away and enjoying the florida sun

Perfecting the Art of Mix & Match

As for the collection's neutral colors such as Dunes and Sunset. These were subsequently found to match perfectly with the rest of the collection's patterned models. It's by doing this that she can ensure the coordination of the famous mix & match looks that can be created with the collection's swimwear! Camille explained to me that just as many customers like to create mix & matches as clients that choose the same pattern for top and bottom, so it's really important to make sure that solid colors work well with the rest. As for the choice of colors, our designer really goes for her favorite colors, not necessarily according to trends, but really according to her instinct. And all that, both the choice of colors and the patterns, is really what makes MIMI so original in my opinion. 🤍

woman wearing the herboria swimwear set at key biscayne beach

After trying on all the models in our new collection during our swimwear training at Mimi, I recently bought my own Herboria set in the Lima top and Paloma bottom. And I can't wait to wear it! This soft print is so perfect for me, who loves flowers, nature and delicacy! I love the fact that there are so many patterns and prints to choose from, so there's something for everyone. :)

So I hope this article has given you a better understanding of OCEANA's universe and inspirations.  

See you soon for a new article, Mimis 🌷

In the meantime, I invite you to get your new Mimi swimsuit if you haven't already! 👙

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Hélène Déry said:

J’aime la collection de maillots ainsi que l’on peut agencé l’imprimer avec l’unit
C’est inspirant!

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