The end of your beautiful Mimi & August candle does not necessarily mean the end of your ceramic jar! In fact, you can reuse and do whatever you want with them! Read our top tips for reusing your candle jars for a zero waste approach.

Your classic reusable candle will become your favorite coffee mug

If you didn't already know, the jars of our classic candles were specifically designed to be reused. That’s right! After enjoying your beautiful candle, you can simply clean the container and then reuse it endlessly for drinking your favorite beverage. For us, it's coffee without hesitation! 

coffee mug reusable candle by mimi and august

How about a new planter?

If you've ever visited our physical store in the Old Port of Montreal, you may have noticed that we are big plants fans. Here is one of our favorite tips for collecting our candles: use them as mini planters!

plant jar by mimi and august

Here are some additional eco-ideas to reuse your candle jar:

  • You can use it as a pencil holder. (We are always using them at the boutique!).
  • The size is ideal for storing small accessories like your hair clips or your Mimi & August earrings.
  • If, like us, you have been collecting your candle jars for a while and have several units, you can use them as a tea set.
  • If you reuse your candle jars in any other way, feel free to tag us on social media!

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