The Spring/Summer Discovery Kit

$19.99 CAD

Hey there, fragrance lover! Ready to turn your room into a blooming paradise? 🌸 Our Spring/Summer Discovery Candle Kit is here to do just that, with 6 mini candles (0.5 oz each) that are little bundles of joy and surprise! 

Scents Included:

Artea : Like wandering through a dreamy garden, with flower petals and plum dancing in the air, mingling with the fresh scent of foliage. It’s springtime in a jar!

Lilas : Get swept away to a tranquil garden where lilacs bloom in full glory. This scent is your personal calm zone, soothing your senses with its serene vibes.

Botanica : Step into a serene oasis with the comforting blend of black tea, bergamot, and cornflower. It’s like a warm, inviting hug for your soul, creating a calm atmosphere around you.

Costa : A cool breeze from the coast, carrying light, fruity notes of apricot and fresh fig. Let Costa energize and relax you, as if you’re basking in the summer sun, toes in the sand.

Tulipa : A gentle stroll through fields of tulips, with the sweet aroma of wildberries in the air. This fragrance is a soft, refreshing whisper of sweet summer evenings.

Surprise! 6th Candle 🎉: We’ve hidden a mystery scent for an extra sprinkle of fun! It's our little secret, and we’re buzzing with excitement for you to discover it and fall in love with a new favorite. 🥰

Each mini candle is 0.5 oz and will give you between 5 to 6 hours of pure aromatic goodness. Whether you're trying to find your next favorite or just looking for a little sensory adventure, this kit is perfect for you. Grab one, light up, and let the journey begin! 🕯✨

All of our candles are lovingly hand poured and packaged in Montreal by our team from 100% soy wax. Quantities are limited.🙊

Why We Like It
  • We love that all our candles are hand-poured with soy wax by our small production team in Montreal.
  • These zero waste candles were created especially to be reusable in order for you to use the cups again and again.
  • That they are ethically made, with products that are natural, non-chemical and gentle to your home and you.
  • That our fragrances are created with care to provide a beautiful ambiance in all of your favorite rooms.
Why we only use soy wax

We use 100% soy wax for a clean burn. In addition, our soy wax is made in Canada. Our cotton wicks contains no lead or toxic product. Phthalate-free. 100% vegan. No Parabens. We only use non-toxic fragrances. Properties of our 100% natural soy wax.