We met with Instagram girl Juliette Bélanger-Charpentier (@juliettebelangerc) a few weeks back. She is mostly known for her remarkable coffee picture, but she also has an amazing eye for design. Yes, she knows how to create a setting, a vibe, a mix of colors and textures, basically how to make a home a good one. We decided to meet with her so that she could show us her new apartment and give us exclusive tips on how to make yourself at home.

The bohemian bedroom

The key element that Juliette likes to put out front in her bedroom is her bohemian « macramé ».  She really wanted to create a natural and warm space for her bedroom. Precisely, it is the room with the best natural light and she used that to mix more subtle elements. With neutral and pale tones such as grey, beige and wood she managed to create a comfortable bedroom that inspires tranquility.  

Where to find it.

« Macramé » : Urban Outfitters (online)

Mid-century living room

The key element to her beautiful living room is her magnificent mid-century table. The mirrors on the table make the room look way bigger than it is and it also provides an excellent storage space (we are freaking out!)

Oddly enough, the living room was the space where there was less light. Juliette then had to work with this and decided to create light with neutral but dark elements such as orange, brown, black a gold. The use of darker colors will in fact create an illusion of warmth. Also, she decorated the living room with tons of candles and yellow lights (instead of white!) to create a cozy vibe. Her personal advice : it is always important to have an element that joins every room together so that you have a continuity in your style. 

Where to find it.

Table : West Elm

The dining room = open space

In the dining room, Juliette wanted to create an open space where she could invite people and also promote elements that nurture creativity. She therefore integrated a musical corner with a turntable and a vintage typewriter.

Another great element in this room is her china cabinet. When she moved it the cabinet was old and outdated looking with glass doors and made of mahogany wood (a big no no for a warm and open look). She then decided to repaint everything, and I mean everything, and open the space by removing the doors and adding multiple shelves. It was important for her to have a china cabinet that was practical, but also thoughtfully designed.


Where to find it.

Smiling cup : Vestibule

Chairs : Structube

Working table : Ikea

Dining table : West Elm 

The kitchen vibes

The kitchen


Juliette admits that she has a strong passion for rose gold and copper styled elements. She decided to add this personal touch of hers in her kitchen. She explains that those styles mix perfectly with a white kitchen. To make her very own Pinterest kind of vibe in her kitchen, she was inspired to create a station where she could hang her utensils and such. She decided to decorate this very special station by herself with : a pole from Rona, painted bathroom hooks and stylish utensils. She completely transformed a kinda boring space (the microwave space) into something essential and pretty to the eye.


Utilities by Juliette

Where to find it.

Rose gold utensils : Homesense

Pots : Structube 

The perfect bathroom

The bathroom mirror

Being in the Plateau often means having to deal with small spaces. Juliette’s bathroom is, in her own words, extremely small (yes, the pictures make it look big, but don’t be fooled!). It was again extremely important to create an illusion of a bigger space.


  • With pictures and funny illustrations
  • With accessories and storage baskets
  • With shelves to store and suspend objects

The bath by Juliette

On a side note : Juliette loves taking baths and it is a moment of great relaxation for her. As such, it is essential to have a tray for ready (or watching Netflix) and to have a natural light (yes!). Nothing better for tranquility.

Where to find it.

Tray : Simons

Storage Baskets : Aubainerie

Storage shelves: Homesense

Shelf with mirror : Rona

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