Back in January (brrr, I know) we had a little escape to a beautiful city in Mexico : Tulum. Now that summer break is upon us, we wanted to give you a little guide of our own and maybe inspire you to travel! 

Little locations in Tulum you need to discover

Tulum is renowned for their ability to adapt to the slow and calm rhythm of life. Taking a break and just enjoying the small moments are their speciality. On the main street, and in the narrowest streets, you can find small cafes and restaurants. During the day we enjoyed stopping by those restaurants after a long day walking in the sun. We also loved the little spots by the beach where we could stop and chill with a view over the sea (not bad at all). 



By the beach

Chilling spot


Our favorite coffee places in Tulum

Tulum art Club

Why? It’s the perfect spot to work on your projects! Be inspired by all the art on the walls and be sure to attend the local expositions for free. Also, the smoothies are amazing (like so f* good).


Café 2

Check it out here : 


Café Ki’Bok

Why? They offer exquisite coffees and a breakfast menu that is very satisfying with all of its variety. They're also very conscious of their impact on the environment. That is why they offer organic coffee and that their menu is adapted with the local ingredients available the same day.



Plants everywhere 

Where to eat Taquerias in Tulum

We all love to not feel like a tourist in a new country ; well to avoid that, going to a restaurant filled with locals is your best bet. It might not be inviting at first, however the dishes are less expensive and even more tasty!

Food everywhere


The best way to get around

Tulum is a very small city so it's easy to go to distance with a bike (a 15 minutes ride will get you to the beach). There's also the possibility to take a « colectivo » ; it’s a small van that costs next to nothing and that you can share with tourists and locals.


What to do in Tulum

We found that activities in Tulum are fairly touristic ; it was impossible to find a moment in the day when it all quieted down but we did manage to see breathtaking views with water as clear as it can get. It's a must for sure.

The ruins of Tulum


palm trees


The Cenotes are underground caves that were created by a meteor 65 millions years ago (the same one that caused the extinction of dinosaurs). There are more than a thousand caves in the region of Yucatan. They are known to be all connected to one to another (crazy eh?). To this day, divers are still exploring to find new passages and caves.


Make sure to go to the Grand Cenote

Dos Ojos

Mimi & August

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