Wall art drawn and created in Quebec

All wall posters created by Mimi & August were designed and printed in Montreal on high quality recycled paper. Unique and original, the decorative posters are perfect to give as gifts and are available in 8 "x 10", 12 "x 16" and 16 "x 20" sizes. The three sizes are perfect to complete your wall of art accessories at home or even to decorate your office, bedroom, kitchen and any room you want!

Unique and original wall posters

Posters for cat lovers, travel enthusiasts or coffee fans are available in the Mimi & August online store. They are perfect for frames or for magnetic wooden print hanger, available in two sizes, 8 inches and 12 inches. This product range is ideal for personalizing the decoration of your favorite rooms!

Find the perfect decorative accessories for your home or to give as a gift with our greeting cards made from recycled paper or our scented candles made from natural soy wax.