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You’re proud of your  curves, your freckles,  your tanned skin? You’re  often complimented on your almond eyes, your smile, your curly hair?

Here, at Mimi, we are inspired by body diversity; we want to promote it and we need you! We’re looking for women who would like to wear our swimsuits and clothes and play the model during special photoshoots. We will then share the picture on our social media platforms, our blog and our website. New mommies, students, grandmothers, short or tall, thin or curvy, from all origins: all women can be Mimi!

Wanna celebrate unicity and diversity with us?
Wanna play the model for Mimi?

And don’t forget : stay the way you are! You’re beautiful!
* Please note that we will only give feedback to the person we chose.
However, once you apply, your information is saved.
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