Defect Café Yo Cups

$17.00 CAD


Hey there, coffee enthusiasts and tea lovers! 🌟 Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle of creating our beloved cups, a few rebels emerge from the production line. Yes, we're talking about our "not-so-perfect" cups that don't quite make the cut during our meticulous quality checks. 🙈 But, guess what? They're still absolutely awesome for enjoying your favorite hot or cold beverages! ☕🍵

We've set these unique cups aside because they have their own quirky charm. Each one comes with its own set of imperfections - maybe a slight color mismatch or a tiny design flaw - but don't worry, we've snapped some photos to give you a sneak peek of what these charming imperfections might look like. Remember, it's these little quirks that make them special. 📸✨

Please keep in mind, when you order, these cups will be chosen at random. It's like a mini surprise with every package! 🎁 And oh, about the lids... Some of our Café Yo cups might arrive with lids that are a different color from the sleeve. This quirky twist happened because they initially came to us lidless, and we decided to play matchmaker by pairing them with the best lid available. It’s our little way of ensuring nothing goes to waste and everything gets its chance to shine. 🌈♻️

Now, for the cherry on top: our Café Yo Surprise variant! This is not just any cup; it's a one-of-a-kind Café Yo that stands out from the rest. It's the wildcard of the bunch, and who doesn't love a good surprise? So, get ready for an exciting reveal when your package arrives. Who knows? You might just get the Café Yo Surprise! 🎉

Embrace the perfectly imperfect and add a touch of surprise to your daily routine with our Café Yo cups. Cheers to enjoying life's little imperfections, one sip at a time! 🍹🌟

80% Bamboo 15% Corn Powder 5% Resin.
BPA, BPS and phthalate-free. 
Printed in USA.

Size : 14 oz / approximately 415 ml capacity.

Our Defect Café Yo Cups are FINAL SALE. We only offer an exchange or a credit in store.

Why We Like It
  • That they are designed in Montreal and that they are made from natural and ecological bamboo fibre (the silicone of the lid and sleeve are 100% recyclable!)
  • We love their practicality and reusability as well as their little Mimi touch!
  • That they are 100% recyclable and without products bad for your health and therefore, without BPA, without BPS and without phthalates.
  • Their design is delicate and has a unique take on the theme of fruits, flowers and cats.
Why you need a reusable bamboo cup

Our bamboo fiber cup versus a disposable container: eco-friendly, infinitely reusable and keeps your drink warm for a longer time.

Did you know that 16 billion paper cups are used every year for coffee? Because of that millions of trees are cut down and billion gallons of water are wasted. The worst is that most disposable coffee cups get used for only a few minutes. It's time to refuse plastic.

Love coffee to go, but aware of environmental issues? Using our Reusable Bamboo Café Yo Cups is a small step in the right direction to help the planet. Replace disposable containers for your drinks and reduce your ecological footprint with our bamboo fiber cups!

Bamboo is an inexhaustible ecological resource. It doesn’t need to be replanted and renews itself naturally.

How to take care of your reusable cup
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Not suitable for microwaves.
  • We recommend washing your cup after each use to keep it clean.

If you are a coffee lover, it is likely that your cup contains coffee stains. To remove these stains, use baking soda. Add a little water with it and spread out so that all the stains are covered. Wait 30 minutes, rinse the cup and repeat the steps if necessary.