Room spray - Botanica

$12.00 CAD


Experience the luxurious and refreshing aroma of a traditional tea time with our new Botanica room spray. With just a few sprays of this fragrances, you can create a calm and relaxing ambiance. Use this room spray in your bedroom, your living room or in your favorite room ! 

The combination of black tea, bergamot, and cornflower creates a warm and inviting atmosphere that will elevate your mood and transform any room.

Scent: Black tea, bergamot, cornflower

How to use: Gently shake the mist before use. Spray 2-3 times for an enchanting experience. To be used every day, without moderation!

Ingredients : Distilled water, witch hazel, premium fragrance oil.

Advice: Avoid contact with eyes and tissue. Do not ingest. Do not spray directly on fabrics. For external use only.