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Created by Camille & Joao.

Mimi & August is the creative work of Camille, supported by the marketing management of Joao. It’s also their travels, their passions for Ready-to-wear and their devotion to their Mimi & August project. Not to mention their little cat Pepito!

Our mission is to offer accessible products without compromising the quality of the living conditions of the people who produce them. We value the attention to small details and fair production, which is why we work with small factories that enable economic development and sustainable job creation.
All bodies, all beauties
More confidence, more love, more fun.

Here, at Mimi & August, we’re tired of all these impossible beauty standards. We’re tired of what’s supposed to be « normal » and we’re mostly tired of taking ourselves too seriously! The models we work with… well they’re not real models actually! They’re women and men from all ages, all shapes, all colors. We choose real people who look just like us, just like you! Here’s why our swimsuits are worn by real women. Women with cellulite or freckles or messy hair, and sometime with all that! So let’s celebrate trueness, let’s celebrate true beauty, let’s celebrate real bodies! You too have a « real » body and wanna play the model for us? - Click here  

An equitable production, made here and abroad

All our swimsuits and dresses are made in Montreal. We use digital printing for our swimsuits fabrics. Digital printing is a much more ecological option than sublimation; it uses less water and wastage.