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Illustrations is at the core of Mimi & August

Our mission is to make quality products that are made to last rather than to have an overflowing inventory. Making clothes, swimsuits and accessories that we are proud of is the most essential thing for us. Every little detail you see in our product is the result of a well-thought process and unique art you will never see elsewhere.

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Who is Mimi & August?

Mimi & August is much more than a swimwear and clothing company! Mimi is also a Montreal-based company whose primary mission is to create quality products that are made to last and respect the environment. Offering a beautiful variety of products such as clothing, swimwear, accessories, stationery and home products that we're proud of, and that advocate inclusivity and caring, is the most essential thing for us. Every little detail that goes into our creations is the result of a thoughtful design process, unique art and collaborations with local artists and local merchants that you simply won't find anywhere else.

We're based in Montreal, a multicultural city that puts the environment at the heart of its priorities. Come and discover our world of unique products, all designed with the same concern for quality and originality that are the essence of Mimi & August. We invite you to explore our website to discover the wonders of our materials, such as the softest Peruvian pima cotton grown for over 5000 years, our recycled materials and our famous eco-friendly soy wax, that is 100% natural and eco-friendly.


Mimi & August values and history

Creating exclusive, affordable high-quality products while taking care to prioritize the living conditions of those who produce them within our production chain, protecting the health of our planet by reducing our ecological footprint and avoiding over-consumption perfectly define Mimi & August's core values. Sustainability is important to us at every stage of our production process. We have implemented eco-responsible processes to minimize our ecological footprint and reduce our impact on the environment. In a few words, here's how we sum up the fashion world: "The fast fashion phenomenon is killing the planet. These extreme trends lower the quality of clothing and leave a permanent impact on our environment. We have chosen to oppose this type of practice. Rather than having an overflowing inventory or launching new collections every month, we decided to produce limited quantities without following any fashion calendar." extract from Our history page. We also believe in diversity and insist on maintaining an inclusive point of view that celebrates all forms and cultures.

Women's swimwear

Swimwear from Mimi & August will highlight your gorgeous bodies, while definitely being functional and comfortable. Whether you're looking for a swimsuit top, swimsuit bottoms or a one-piece swimsuit, we have a wide variety of swimsuit styles to suit all your needs. Our beach accessories are also the perfect finishing touch to add to your beach looks. Our swimsuits are made from high-quality materials for maximum durability, while remaining soft and comfortable. We've also created an inclusive size chart to help you find the right swimsuit. At Mimi & August, we truly believe that all bodies are beautiful and fully deserve to be celebrated. We're pleased to be able to offer high-quality swimwear that's both durable and rewarding. So, if you're looking for the perfect swimsuit for your next beach getaway, be sure to browse our complete online collection to see all our swimwear and beach accessories.

Sustainable clothing and accessories

At Mimi & August, we don't just create unique, high-quality swimwear, we also offer a wide variety of accessories that will perfectly complement your looks. Whether you're looking for comfortable clothing for a casual day, beanies to keep you warm in winter, Mimi’s scrunchies to add a stylish touch to your hairstyles or jewelry for a touch of delicacy and elegance, we've got you covered! Our socks are made from high-quality materials for unrivalled softness and comfort. We also carry hair clips and barrettes for all hair styles, as well as small pins to add a touch of personality to your outfits. And don't hesitate to take a look at our collection of reusable all-purpose bags.

Home products, reusable candles, reusable coffee mugs Yo and more

We recently launched our latest innovation, the reusable candle. This candle is made from soy wax and comes in a reusable container, making it a great eco-friendly option for candle lovers. We offer handcrafted candles in several sizes: 11 oz, 8 oz, 5.5 oz, 4 oz, 3 oz and 2 oz. They are also non-toxic and vegan. We use only lead-free cotton wicks with hemp filaments to ensure clean burning and unsurpassed sweetness for the ultimate olfactory experience. Our beautiful handcrafted candles are made in Quebec and are perfect for all occasions, whether as gifts or to decorate your home. Not only do they add a touch of elegance to your home, they're also environmentally friendly. Mimi & August's room spray is also a quick and easy way to create a soothing atmosphere in your home. Available in a variety of fragrances, it can transform any space into a true haven of peace. We also offer our illustrated Coffee Yo Mugs, perfect for coffee lovers. Whether you're at home or in the office, our Coffee Yo Mugs will let you enjoy your favorite coffee in a mug with a unique, personalized style.

Our stationery, 100% recycled and ethical

All Mimi & August stationery products are designed with love and care to offer you a unique and elegant creative experience. Our notebooks and planners are designed to capture all your ideas, projects and dreams, and help you get organized in a fresh and practical way. Our collection of greeting cards lets you create thoughtful, personal messages to friends and family for any special occasion. Whether it's for a birthday, wedding or just to say "thank you", these cards are the perfect choice for expressing your feelings. Mimi & August's original, colorful illustrations are a unique touch for your home or office. Hang them on your wall or place them on a shelf, they'll add an artistic touch to your space. And for a touch of fun, Stickers are perfect for personalizing your notebook, laptop or even your water bottle.